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The 10 Best North American Log Cabin Rentals To Experience In 2021

A log cabin vacation may not be everybody’s jam, but for the rugged, adventurous, and nature lovers out there, it’s the best way to relax, unwind, and disconnect. 

Then again, the perfect log cabin vacation will look different for each individual. For example, somebody might want a log cabin that is 100% off the grid, no running water, no lights, no nothing. Others want a luxurious mansion that just happens to have touches of natural wood.

Although there is no one right way to do a log cabin trip, there are plenty of options. Our top 10 recommendations find themselves stretched along the North American continent, pinned in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

1. Hide Away in the Full Moon Room in La Marquesa, Mexico

A Mexican national park, officially known as “Insurgente Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla,” is often called La Marquesa. The area finds itself on the outskirts of Mexico City, just crossing the border into Estado de Mexico. Here, the Full Moon Room awaits with magic and mystery.

It’s easy to get to La Marquesa from Mexico City, Toluca, and Cuernavaca. There are many cabins for rent, but many are best found by showing up and asking if there are vacancies. 

For those who have rusty Spanish or aren’t into a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants booking system, an Airbnb option makes more sense: The Full Moon Room.

This is a space of awareness, of transformation, of peace. Then again, Santa Fe (a modern and booming neighborhood on the edge of Mexico City) is only 25 minutes away by car in case you get desperate for a night out on the town amid all that Mexican solitude.

Guests have felt revitalized visiting the magical setting. Nearby, one will find Las Pozas, dubbed “nature’s hot tub.” There’s also a hot stone and mountain water system on-site. 

A rare architecture highlights walls that have been marked by artists from all around the globe. Each room in the house is designed to invite meditations on the meaning of life. Ideas like beauty and freedom will be the topic of conversation, and everybody will leave refreshed.

La Marquesa is a family favorite in Mexico City, so if the spiritual aspect gets tiring, options like delicious foods, horseback riding, and other seasonal activities are bound to entertain. 

The climate is semi-cold, meaning that the winter has flurries and the summer maintains a brisk breeze. No matter what season it is, a trip to La Marquesa is una buena idea.

2. Say “Bonjour” to the Mountain View Cabin in Lac-Beauport, Québec

Another Airbnb-friendly rental, this log cabin retreat is remote, three hours away from Montreal.

The trek is worth it in the end. The scenic route provides plenty of opportunities for bird watching, stargazing, and just plain old “soaking it all in.” The mountain landscape appeals to nature lovers and social media fanatics alike. The view is just breathtaking.

In this locale, the flora and fauna take center stage on cycling, hiking, and climbing adventures. Past visitors advise guests to throw their phones away and enjoy the moment by living in it!

The small cabin sits atop one of the biggest mountains in Lac-Beauport. In fact, Mon Tourbillon gives a panoramic perspective of the entire Quebec region. Although the place is far from Montreal, picturesque Quebec City is only half an hour away.

There is a small town about 10 minutes away as well. Additional amenities include solar power, a propane heater, and a wood stove.

The listing emphasizes that if you are heading to this remote retreat in the winter, you’re going to have great snow tires to make it up the two-kilometer private road.

What guests tend to remember most about their stay, beyond the nature, fun, and activities, is the orange sunsets that capture the spirit of the season night after night.

3. The Ultimate in USA Log Cabin Life is in Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville River Cabins

In the USA, there’s one cabin-centric city that stands taller than the rest: Asheville, North Carolina. Our favorite place to stay in this scenic town is Asheville River Cabins. Here, the slogan is “Creating new friends, one guest at a time.”

Asheville’s claim to fame is that it is located on the beautiful French Broad River. With more than 1,000 feet of river frontage, finding a cabin with a view of the river is a cakewalk. Just pull up a chair, sit back, and watch time float on by.

Although many people fantasize about a tiny house log cabin vacation, Asheville River Cabins doesn’t go small. The cabins are a healthy size no matter what’s on the menu: efficiency, a one-bedroom, or two-bedroom model.

Located on over nine acres of wooded land, the properties offer activities like tubing, kayaking, and canoeing. Many cabins allow for launching right outside the door. 

All cabins have at least a kitchenette, refrigerator, and two-burner convection stovetop. The cabins have queen-sized beds. Some offerings have private hot tubs with river views and a fireplace. Large LED 4k smart TVs, sleeper sofas, and ceiling fans are also available.

Our favorites are the Bear Cabin and the 200-Year-Old Cabin.

4. Get Back to the Basics in British Columbia
Seatosky Parks

Porteau Cove Provincial Park, in British Columbia, has many types of establishments, but our favorite is the Porteau Cove Olympic Legacy Cabins.

The cabins were built for the Winter Olympics in 2010. All the log homes are masterpieces, featuring hand-carved animals on the logs outside. Inside, a one-bedroom loft configuration suits the bill for solo and couples trips. There’s also a bathroom, private deck, and kitchen.

Again, scenic mountain views are the main draw for the cabins. Additionally, the nearby park and Britannia Mine Museum are only 10 minutes away by car and often seal the deal for travelers.

Other amenities include private bathrooms with toiletries and flat-screen televisions. There’s also a rocky beach nearby, and parking is free. In the area, one can find the Furry Creek Golf and Country Club as well as the Stawamus Chief Provincial Park.

Pack a bottle of wine and uncork that baby at night while recovering from the hiking and biking experience on the trails.

The oceanfront decks give views of Howe Sound as well as the snow-covered mountains. It’s a great place to stay in any season.

5. Try Some Sexy Glamping Near Sayulita in San Pancho, Mexico
Glamping Hub

Glamping is a portmanteau of the words glamour and camping, and these two pastimes come together in San Pancho (San Francisco), Mexico, an hour north of Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast in the famed Riviera Nayarit.

Near Sayulita, but in the calmer and nature-inspired San Pancho, the Sustainable Nature Retreat in the jungle is a perfect fit for somebody wanting something tropical and open air. 

The place can accommodate seven or fewer guests in three palapa-style cabins. Queen or twin bamboo beds offer a comfy place to hit the hay, and the dry composting toilet in the bathroom reminds guests of how important it is to take care of our environment.

The area offers many outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, surfing, and bronzing on the beach, but culinary, art, and cultural options aren’t far off in the pueblos (including Sayulita and Bucerias). 

If one prefers to cook at the cabin, that’s no problem. There is a small but stocked kitchen with a stove, oven, dishes, forks, knives, and spoons. There’s also clean drinking water and an icebox.

An outdoor jungle shower (with hot water) provides the perfect place to let the mind wander. Hammocks in the garden provide a lovely place for a nap, and a swimming pool means one can take a quick dip to escape the Mexican heat, which is humid from May through November.

This property is technically off the grid, using solar power, well water, and composting toilets. Privacy is key, but most people can still catch a strong enough cellphone signal to send a few texts or post their latest selfies.

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6. Reach New Heights in a Treehouse Cabin in Taberg, NY

Many people haven’t heard of Goodall’s Treehouse Cabin in Taberg, NY. These people are missing out on a cabin that finds itself in a 60-acre sanctuary overrun with fragrant pines. 

Jane Goodall, the conservationist, is the namesake for the lodging, located in upstate New York. The two-story cabin has a reading nook (great for meditation, journaling, and reflecting) as well as a balcony to take in the sights and sounds of the ecosystem. 

A space atop of a ladder hides the sleeping loft, cozy and calm for a good night’s rest. The cabin is often described as “semi-rustic” because although it has electricity and heat, there’s a sawdust toilet. There is access to a shared shower. 

Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing make the place a fun stop for a winter trip, too.

Beyond the half-mile of river frontage and hiking trails, amenities like a volleyball court, fire pits, ponds, friendly rescue mutts, and free-range chickens keep the place lively and active. 

7. Go Big or Go Home With the Tahoe Crest View Lodge
Buckingham Tahoe Rentals

The Tahoe Crestview Lodge isn’t what most people would picture when somebody says “log cabin vacation.” This would be because it’s massive, coming in at about 5,000 square feet. It’s modern. It’s contemporary. It’s too much, and that’s why it made the list.

The space fits up to a dozen visitors, and the list of amenities seems to go on and on. There’s a private sauna, spa-quality showers, and enough balconies to make everybody feel like royalty. When you throw in those famous South Lake Tahoe views, there’s nothing else to ask for.

The large property is near Washoe Meadows State Park and close to the South Tahoe Ice Arena. 11 miles away one can take advantage of Emerald Bay State Park.

Finding a cabin with beautiful mountain views is pretty easy, but finding one with a game room, home theatre, sauna, steam room, ping pong table, large fenced yard (with teepee), a gourmet kitchen, and a business center? Now that’s worth writing home about.

8. Visit the Pocono Mountains and Stay at the Countryside Cottages
Countryside Cottages

Driving across the USA can be really beautiful or really uneventful depending on the state and route taken. Reaching the Pocono Mountains, however, is different. The views are bountiful in all seasons, and there’s always something to do in the area, especially at these cottages.

Countryside Cottages has several cabins for rent, ranging from two-bedroom to six-bedroom spaces. The cottages are rusticly deluxe, apt for a romantic rendezvous, a family road trip, or just a fun weekend with the fellas. Even solo travelers can find some breathing room here.

With amenities that include swimming pools, tennis courts, a playground, and a game room, there’s something for everybody on these grounds.

The family history adds to the appeal. The property was started by the Strand Family in 1960. Today, the cabins still offer the same bliss, serenity, and tranquility they did decades ago.

9. Journey to Alaska for the Trip of a Lifetime
Johnstone Adventure Lodge

If you are interested in an Alaskan cabin rental, the place to book is Johnstone.

The journey to the property starts with a flight that crosses mountains, oceans, lakes, waterfalls, and glaciers. If you can spot them, a whale, mountain goat, or bear may capture your attention as well. It’s a sight to behold.

Alaska is the place to head if for the folks who want something off the beaten path. In this state, one might find more space and privacy than they would in the lower 48.

Most cabins in Alaska are for the more serious campers as the lodgings can be categorized as rural, remote, and rustic.

North of the Gulf of Alaska, 30 miles from Seward, the Johnstone Adventure Lodge is the place to be. The experience requires guests to fly in, and the flight is said to be a surreal experience due to the property’s forest-surrounded location.

More than just a cabin, the chalets are true to log cabin style with a 20 by 22-foot space. Here, beaches are apt for surfing, whale watching, wildlife photography, and cave exploration.

10. There’s Always Captain Steve’s Fish Camp in the Everglades

There’s something so tantalizing about an Airbnb listing entitled “CAPT STEVES FISH CAMP, 1 BLOCK TO MARINA/DOGS OKAY.” Who is Captain Steve? What’s a Fish Camp? What we can tell you is it’s close to the marina and dogs are okay. The rest of the details are fuzzy, but we’re interested.

This lodging is in Chokoloskee, an unincorporated community near a place called Ten Thousand Islands in Collier County in Florida. The small area only has a population of 359, so if a small town is on your non-negotiables list, you’re in luck.

Today, the economy of the area relies heavily on recreational boating and fishing, especially as people flock to the nearby Gulf of Mexico to check out the Everglades National Park with ecotourism in the back of their minds.

Here, you’ll have the cabin to yourself. The check-in involves a lockbox, so you really don’t have to socialize if you’re hoping for a recluse-style vacation.

The rental maintains two bedrooms and a full bath. There’s a pull-out sofa in the living room as well as a full kitchen, BBQ, and porch. A washer and dryer in the back mean you don’t have to worry about getting covered in mud while exploring!

As North American log cabin vacations are gaining popularity once again, it seems like everybody is hoping to disconnect in one way or another. Whether that means a rustic one-room cabin or a luxurious five-bedroom mansion is up to you.

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